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tv   The Debate  PBS  January 16, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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you knew you knew who will will will will will will khan. that this is false then again coming up in the heat the opening of the trial and cinch it up for hezbollah militants accused in connection with the two thousand five hundred the former prime minister writes the lyrics. we were with the strength of the case just tell all taleban on women's day. it is so near to all the blocks the formal nomination of her son as candidate for prime minister this is an uphill battle. he leads the congress party the upcoming general election
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france expressed his shame back to the delegation answers a un panel for a long running accusations of child abuse by priests. the all nearly nine years after the assassination of lebanon's former prime minister. the opening of the trial of four hezbollah militants over what's become a watershed moment in the country's history the killing of rafik hariri the subsequent pullout of u n troops. the trial though opening without the defense is yet to be arrested. far from a car bomb in lebanon's bekaa valley in a hezbollah stronghold. it happened in the town of carmel ten km from the syrian border hizbollah increasingly the target of sectarian attacks for its support of
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the assad regime in syria that attack wrong you could say as much attention as the divisive trial opens in the netherlands. the sign reads ten contestants on thursday dozens of supporters of former prime minister had candy and build a giant poster in the reeds just meters away from the same skillet. tamer has been mounting on the billboard to keep track of how long the trial will last. nancy good to be protected from the roots of the victim will be revealed with the un but it did start to take opinions from here and there can be attached to the notebook the last. hariri's murder in school or a split in the society. many now see the tribunal as an opportunity to expose those behind the blasts in two thousand five which also killed several of their political leaders. all four suspects are believed to be linked to hezbollah movement causing others to use the international tribunal
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being highly politicized and aimed at undermining israel's opponents the new voice many times before it ratio in the sweeter. it led to a much more work to this investigation. this tribunal's its decisions and what could come out of it is clearly an american israeli plot. we refuse it and we refuse whatever comes out of its men to have met them up to that. many mundane and hear the tribunal's tool for sectarian violence. he said perry increased tensions between sunnis and shiites tensions reached new highs as the syrian conflicts spills over into its mandate serene meters. initial tallies from egypt constitutional referendum suggest more than ninety percent of yes votes that's according to state media no word though on turn up in a poll boycotted by the now banned muslim brotherhood official results slated for saturday. molly interior
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ministry reports one student reportedly killed this thursday in clashes between pro and anti moslem brotherhood supporters inside the students inside coyotes university campus. the first time a un body calling the vatican to question the long running allegations of sexual abuse of children of catholic priests vatican delegation answered the united nations committee on the rights of the child in geneva. this is a good answer questions of their scandals that rocked the church for more than a decade. combs has promised to tackle child abuse within the catholic church. don't you tell that the skin is gearing up for grilling. the fast lane road swing to the un committee on the mites that aisle. lucy delegation in geneva to defend itself against allegations that irks me to bring the thousands of children and protecting
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the paedophile priests. news was welcomed to leave geese victims. i think it's time for for the church to stop the secrecy. the day that i viewed the church puts too much that its limitation before i did the themes and know the pain of this abuse to legally carry so that's why it was so excited when i heard about this final. a meeting between about the camera and a visiting me and a new land the chance to experience nature abuse crimes committed around the world must be dealt with by authorities in individual countries. some of the cast and a double polls today for the nice catch them. it involves the cd keys east in different lands. then we stayed up to the times said in his stool by up to the competency to prosecute the end of two cloned and
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them that they can proceed to get these times. these are all due apologies to all of these land. the church of religious movement for persons cases of sexual abuse announcement that you can instead of the skin commissioned the piece has helped to calm the sea peacefully priests. the link in the submission that story looks patients and on the leading recommendations the hearing. going out to rome correspondent seaman gupta joins the scene of the pope this thursday wayne in saying all athletes should feel shame. i keep on making it into a new harmony heavy duty not that he did not get the day and in that he actually had needed to be handled it. the captain said anything that can be obtained at the end of the people not
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only on goal machine that can be brought onto the cat the whole week the reunion on what's happening in sydney that now called out to the meeting in geneva. i'm contented with that kind of needle kept in check up having to depend and held company tnt me hate me how to keep them from the un panel the un panel on them thinking that her thinking cap on being out in the uk it all took a while and then more time and being one of the un panel member that she did it you want to be a way to prevent him taking the opportunity to reveal the old one. the back and didn't appear to be contrite seemed that the village queues for these types of abuses and the state in the game in a nut shell being kept it up but he did not engage in any kind of cover up and the state senate and things needed to be done francis is using the word shame does that signal. um a change of approach from his pre disaster when it comes to this issue. i spotted this by
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visitors the chance of the ski season six of these by then and said this is really more of the city meet stiff making the statements they want the sequel fences actually take concrete action on the back seat and to take concrete action to meet the screens accountable the peace peace peace that in the gt committed these acts and so the ones who call the action close up of friends this has been to the need to protect someone that's what the people i see this cold lots of good old hands or perhaps maybe he can take that kind of action to come up with more concrete action to deal with this issue but for now as i can survive without consent. it's me he bought the same synagogue in rome many thanks for joining us live. in india sonia gandhi pulling the plug on speculation her son ronald been tipped as the congress party's prime its prime ministerial candidate. he's quoted as saying it doesn't dance party tradition to review its secret from the air before the general election and which is slated for april this time pressures been
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growing since the opposition bjp formally declared dead in its standard bearer narendra modi would be its choices well for pm. nominations in for the oscar is three movies topping the bill nineteen seventies comment keeper american hustle space thriller gravity and the drum about sleeping twelve years and slay the winning on hopes to be opened march the second and last time shops the last word slavery. and so money minded. just some of the themes in the running to his skin and that failing is the best picture nominees two thousand but st up. american hostel. captain phillips those boys from the brevity nebraska. too little. toby is a slave. on the wall to
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wall straight. the academy announced on the nominations in all sense of the study on thursday morning the midst of the ten films of the bunch the marriage counselor and grab the team with the nation speech. you know. dear diary today to do muscle until ford cyclone that received the best i raked and knowledge of what they'll be in competition with an exotic pain in the snow queen anne martin scorsese. eileen gave his starring role to to mattel and your file. in total he is a safe performance and already gone and trainees from the critics wrong the us. i knew. it'll be hard won the race that he negates nineteen the cornice
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portrayal of an hiv positive redneck interest on his comp the best actress can secrete was a neat stuff some of the industry's need to play as sun to burn the cd dench and meryl streep idol previous oscar win is looking to add another academy award to the action. we know me well all sky. painted floor and ten. it's easier to read between the sudanese comment was not eligible for an academy award nomination. it was released to the september deadline anytime country more news later time now though for the false and get today the eye. off. we welcome this week we learned nigeria headbands the marriage gay groups and key signs of affection. last
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month. his ugandan parliament sending a bill to the president's desk. that would make homosexuality itself punishable by life in prison. although west increasingly adopt same marriage. one of the growing backlash from the african continent to find out. cause i get into cameroon were our team found. it's more than the locals who have a stake in this fight. talk about christian conservatives from the us and elsewhere been weighing in. sometimes deadly consequences for the victims of hate crimes. the backdrop to a whole continent were once traditional societies find themselves in the throes of dizzying change today in the polls and get to be africa's anti gay backlash with this talk about what the reporters. the film that story because it gets remark from ours. also joining us later cameron's communications minister be such a room of a car a few of the journey of family owns a nigerian activist joseph a quarrel is with us welcome back to the show and set
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welcome to journalists and gay rights activist come to a muffin tin. thank you for being with us the fall spring kit today. we can join the conversation on facebook and twitter are stacked as two for today. as promised was taken out to cameron for the story filed by mark herman and easy on both down for reporters' calls and depth investigative news magazine. who knows the day goes by fast married doesn't come to the symmetry in yemen day for her son is laid to rest. i don't even think or i wake up to this topic. she's carrying the grief of a mother has lost her first born. mergers at the age of thirty three. he died because he was gay. what do i know add the egg egg people here
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this is what sets the school sale was that it does that mean he has been killed since does that mean we should be tortured. i think it's tuesday. her son's body was flown in his home last july eric and katie was well known that the key rights activists in cameroon the funeral the family and friends rachel and my pursuit there's a strong message for eric's fellow activists continue to speak with a crime their expense friend is visiting his home for the first time since the merger. he swears he discovered the body. i don't see it it was here. when i arrived and there was a very strong smell. this is my thoughts down. i hope it's not a decomposing body. so to
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say his body was in his head was really you could tell that someone really tortured him. space is known as mount statistical i would especially his pay will increase with that. there was never able to see. it has been that way in the inquiry the program seed sowing fear among eric's friends. what do you need to post current as of now. well you'll be the next year. i'm so frightened. to live a very quiet and hidden life in the district among four mikey many african countries homosexuality is a criminal offence in cameroon punishable by up to find two years in prison. the mall with monique and word but it's no use them as he can lead to new new new. there was one of the first to be prosecuted. it opened in two
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thousand in falling for the same time local media published in this high profile people who seem to be good. the dude what used to come here to have a drink with friends. one night that the rama quarter past ten school days of cars pulled up outside without it they said they were going to arrest everyone use while at the state sen bayh announced that they had broken up the gate again. was it. due to chronic denmark which seems to need to be released he was tried and convicted with ten other defendants logic says that the wendy and i have to spend twelve months and twelve days in prison. if it brings me to tears when i talk about it this is it not. it was so hard. so inhumane. there are incentives to label the homosexual. just don't deserve to and it made me
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think of it. since mark's imprisonment many more gay men have not done. against teams like to visit the central prison in yemen date which were refused at the gate the time when i write to correct them. you can't make an exception on sunday and all. and then it was. on a nature take its name and managed to smuggle the comer into the prison its record of twenty one year old inmate just the night before had been assaulted. i do. with two weeks instead. you were raped yes i did she make an exception. erin and reading
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i can't sleep at all. being here. sixteen months. why were you arrested. this was due to its own. they wanted me to do it differently. yes i do. how much they cost. you can skin. i really need to use the prison officer. or i need to be protected from violence. moving to rent it doesn't game and are sticking to a greenie and prisons dust with their underwear give other people. miss sydney and the cyclone is one of the feudal here is unwilling to defend them get out. double put something in the fifties but i say i'm looking for notoriety. i defend the indefensible he and the devil's lair that the aisle. my canada and the bin lol. dupont slump combs commitment to the coolest has won her in
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anything we really need. let the enemy to radio to the ict teacher say i know one thing cameron nine tour. i just don't intimidate his strong willed woman. he doesn't hesitate to denounce the government for its repression. the guy wanted to know why this marine is buying find a teacher in a menacing tone was a trustee there is nothing new nothing can justify state sanctioned homophobia and the crying penetrated by state because it amounts to is the same thing is that the circus as soon as utopian state sanctioned discrimination you are talking about apartheid so far. nike station rejected by a foreign seas. cool to me no homosexual persons. he's prosecuted because of his sexual orientation. two with a win under new was the two i would like to remind you that ninety eight census
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cameron used over the years the tomb was good given the polls and with the most in all christian corio that face. then the mystics realty the mission home. on the ground. it's a day of celebration and kim the cathedral. i prefer being retained to spread the word and as a disciplinary system yes it's an opportunity to remind them of the church's teaching. when we could do well to their home and he created men and women to make time go. to tell some people took in six of them will run for it. it was destroyed totally cool. the furthest the message then you need to priests here that in the air
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if you're in dc to be deacons meeting so he could be the good always nukes for you to consider how can you handle annuities for the dvd the image of god was trying to change. i know it. koreans media also plays a part of latino and sinking feeling i know there are a homosexual was beaten up in a room keys until they're now we don't know much about what happened this is satellite fm at the heart of the city's your source for all the horrors happening in camera today so stay tuned what are you talking about someone was beaten up. i was a homosexual because everytime we talk about the president doing this and that no one's interested. is it when we report back to homosexuals were caught together. that makes people want to listen people react straight away say they can bend it and one moms. well this practice homosexuality. this as a cheat is on the radio the tv and do the printing press. it was a weekly paper
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the anecdotes that several years ago great attendance to allegedly gay men who occupy positions of power. despite a warning from the covenants the publisher won't back down he claims there is again the cia to the highest levels canadian visa will see soon we are to obey it would be ok if homosexuals would keep to themselves. if they had parties at some people who are applying for a big job for them that's when we denounce it. vehicle. i'm not saying this happens as a rule but they're all young graduates just ousted university. it comes to all need to complain that they will qualify for civil service exams yet they were asked well do it she'll go to probation and was unable to find. you may use it the council and the issue on the crossroads of joy. this is the meeting point for gay people in our day. places like these are targets of the true meaning friday the crew has organized anti
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gay protests. there is a controversial journalist the summits on saturday nights we tucked in bars and places we called the axis of evil on with it or not we filmed the customers and videos are material proof if proof we can turn them into the relevant authorities to prove my pda for us when homosexuality is a crime against humanity with its infancy in cameroon. there are two things that could provoke civil war was to play pool closing the breweries for legalizing homosexuality yet made a pasta if that happens the machete to come out with those animals should hide in all their kind don't belong to me is also similar mindsets that it is on the bluffs appreciate us to some of us made his professional life. washington judy. was it to you. no he walks through her neighborhood she screeched
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the view that the room he was born. frankie to me. she does her best to avoid drawing attention to herself. my family rejected me. seeing the transvestites were welcome. go do that somewhere else. it's not my fault nature made me this way he'll be around the city to recant and offer her some target was her grandmother. i do. i was in memphis and she's never seen me like this because she's been blind for twenty years. she hasn't seen me she's just heard about me he is trying to hide you feel about the last picture is that it does make you happy or sad. you know. i know my child. it is just as the sun and she will reject him but i have to leave because their death threats against me here. lol for gay rights activists see signs that the main policy changing and changing even within the church for the first time
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a prominent member of the marines hierarchy cardinal pieced into me. i still contend against criminal prosecutions of gay people. would you believe homosexuality is a crime. if it's a sin to cry on cricket the new club but can i do think eight people should be imprisoned for example and to grow the superdome. he still likes to equate it with a moral insights. the moral like getting taken care of progress but for most gay people in cameroon it's still impossible to take place in society. while staying true to their sexuality. mark and that is one of the few who turns. he brings to full strength team to visit his family home. my mom cooking away and confusing. his mother is preparing a meal for the entire high school
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he is doing really. mike's brother an evangelical pastor reads the bible. in a sign to mark a welcomes his friends all under the watchful eye of his father. the sort of precedent and he's the prince the gospel. not everyone is united won just by the roman catholic. whether you are not like one from the wool was on himself. only a bolt from the scourge of the same reef tolerance like this is where in cameroon the market and dance and the gay rights activists know their fines will be gone. reporters asked
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him to investigate it. music magazine mark harmon. one of the reporters and spoof of that story for a steal and let's go now to cameroon and the communications ministry is such a room of a car thank you for being with us here in the false time tested to date on your reaction to what we saw on that report most notably what we saw in the prison that the allegations of abuse of state prisoners. we need people to be beautiful the poem. to me is boring for that he is. more than ninety nine. i'll be there we're going to be. he's for it. the weekend. in the did
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you know he was so will you all you happen to him. it was the most. this is incredible. so i didn't do well the report i will be wanting to work. form. in particular the highlight of the unthinkable oh i can repeat it all and what they want in it but it would be well being the secret to that goal. seoul. in kabul i'm going to lie we took over. all you can help it
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when the people who want to be able to pick surrounded it the book. two of the third well tonight. conundrum. all that. although that will live near. would it be. all sixty of the attention. but the pinnacle of them. amid the winner. all will be about you the miami heat in the book. over the phone the minister has dismissed last interrupt you because we have to take a quick break we're going to pick up on this form only come back stay with us to launch missiles into it today. i was. yes it
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is so dreadful. i think andrew is a crime to the fullest the red violets are addressed homosexual september what a scam but not acceptable to sexuality the seat and across africa what this would investigate of course it all felt like that. i can tell i know. what was performed using this post and get to sample the stories we're following for youth on false and jackson nearly nine years after the assassination of lebanon's former prime is to refuse to re read the opening. the trial in absentia for hizbollah militants who are charged with the strength of the case and see just how volatile the denominations india sonia gandhi blocks the formal nomination of her son as candidate for prime minister drove down to eat faces an
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uphill battle. does that leave the congress party to victory in the upcoming general election. francis expenses shame. the vatican delegation answers the un panel for a long running accusations of child abuse by priests. forty four degrees in melbourne play stopped at the australian open in points he's continuing to rise to numerous wildfires in southern asked. american also gravity twelve years has made it up the nominations list he had in the old boards winners to be announced in march the second in the essentials the eye. on the welcome back welcome if
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you're just joining us this is the false been kept debating part one we saw our exclusive report on the situation for cameron's homosexuals sit with us to talk about it falls and gets more chrome and. the from the yellow and did the communications minister he said to drum up a car a nigerian activist joseph of coral and to a journalist and gay rights activists to some awful kate. now hop on the minister of you are one of market of them report saying um that's up. it's not all true that there is a witch hunt against homosexuals in cameroon but ninety nine percent of population feels that it's not right. clearly there is the difference between what the minister is saying and what we saw especially in the treatment of homosexuals who are in detention with her horrific stories. there was also the story that we beginatd
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soul. murder according to the authorities. it was just a crime. there are troubling circumstances around this friday and it's not forgets that just a few days ago. a homosexual who was in jail for over a year and witnessed the accident jail. diets. in his roots when we were there we tried to see that man was in the day we couldn't go there because we're told his family doesn't really want is for those dozen of them honest. and according to the installers he died because his family did not allow him to be treated. he was ill and according to his lawyers the family feel to it and he had this on and the family and then in a way his death could help them retain their reputation in their fruits. and with their peers so until the troubling things happening for the same time right. a car in the report we saw him. mark
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mark from describing the difficulties for especially for her. centrals were in detention. we also talked about some attitudes change and most notably within the church when he witnessed on that score. well the tea cosy afternoon tea is the new themes this bikini on she's changing the characters sound like that. i mean. they think that is going on right now in my country named year. lots of local stations going on in specialty. either that or region and one of the things that has come out clearly these duties he cannot move was trotting tea on the grounds of its own region the heat's crusaders team or are these new pieces at the tree came down to the attitude of the genus it is in the lead in the country and in reaction to the anti
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gay youth that has been signed by the preston. though well more than the clothes they be listening to learn and i was so sweet. my baby of mine and fifty three received the news about bound to be a concern in samoa to write on twitter and facebook lot of reactions that i get this night because i need to eat a lot about this issue. i ain't talkin' about how the anti gay middle and doula is actually not on same night only but also keen to have an impact in the gentle nation. aldi is wrapped with a one off. the minister mentioned the part before the break that it's not just cameron it's true that as you say on monday. his service managers president quietly signed a bill that bans the organizations make same couples liable to fourteen years in prison. two guys didn't have that in citigroup i am. everybody knows that
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the id. it is often the of what some of the. since the senator there. making that announcement by the way we can announce the fed reports most of the from the associated press. there have been um scores of arrests since sarah. since christmastime in northern nigeria. of the flow of people being charged with belonging to date organizations. the air i think that maybe she's becoming a humanitarian issue the maidstone to be of use because of the king solomon made from migrating because of being sick still is not something that's clear and to claim all of us. that's what allowed to to raise a question to dismantle just said that people should be in his country was on a link to the kitchen and in the people of this country send their kids to europe or to usa for study. so how can he be
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the day. these because her dose of countries as good for kids. and then to consider dingoes country where guests can accuse wear. well all is is preferable for now central people is not huge the easy is good for the kids to the tune of being their country. isn't there a paradox in that. he's such a drama bacardi your thoughts i won the cup. what could that be you are completed during the show of income will go out and get him when he defeated if it was good. i can only think that. i looked up and moving. what the will
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be in the kitchen. and there but who will be a good thing it showed the mediation the highlight. in a hole in the know it. be it. over the with the clean up of our region. that won't be impractical to try to do with survival that you didn't read the bill perfection the fact that i get the modem for third book the vehicle having them it will happen to extend existing what do you think. did you think
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the ending. what happening in the oval. the huge return the deck and conditions. we did it just that this is the core. most restaurants and beaches in july two thousand and fifteen. i was in communion with lucy views about the death of eric and the few that i can if experience among the key community there was was incredible and he cannot since the news that all the sectors in common with the free because they don't even feel the need and feel of being blackmailed them even feel the mix tape that rule is that while the school and why the spoon coming in government already become rulers of cream the ice is a case of missing toes and do not have in all the persecution the timing is of a society that uses smaller than eastern men of god and extortion which the government is not willing to address these people called to the police station to report these cases
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the police do not have anything to do because the game with a trolley to get in the gold is people do not be free to leave in august to score c and this is something that happens in the middle of the country's leading west africa where illicit aunties it go. and were receiving more prone and a huge discrepancy between. opinion here in the western opinion in africa with a comment on twitter. laws can stop love homosexuality is not a disease homophobia is all my support to the lesbian gay bisexual and transsexual skin africa. but being in africa. and as you said just been illustrated in that report. most people in favor of the law. yes one when the minister says ninety percent of iranians because of the religious beliefs of course was that roxy. well he's not too far from the truth it's probably you know those laws are not throwing people in the streets to protest
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billion on other countries we decided then to a number of them probably two thirds of the countries in africa have lost the present was citroen team won when other people are not protesting against this visit because of rules and because of traditions. or because of this myth that was it wrong she is. has been imported by the white man that africans cannot be homosexual people you hear in the lots over there. you guys. the white guys brought this upon us it's difficult to figure out that kill the opinion is not in favor of gay rights in many african countries that's absolutely certain and then come up to the pile i think i'm home or less agree with that because there is one thing that is the law and and want one thing that must be the tierney is that the d's family that were crying for is being dads when one of the law should be here to restrain people
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into that problem to family the law i suppose and politics is supposed to be encouraging people to be too nice not to restrain them and that's that's very porch on what white wine to politics and who goes into privacy goes into families to create sandy beaches. that's one thing. mr mrs say that clue that soon there are no workers persecution. we are spending portion did it worst of the diet was sentenced by the appeal court for thirty six months. just an unwanted puppies sentences just that he sent an sms love sms to a man. is that something normal. before again to get the minister's reaction on this another comment from twitter. b the nigeria even if you don't agree with homosexuality fourteen years in prison for being gay is extreme but said that's the reaction there. mr mr wood is for shore is that up and not just being in
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nigeria and cameroon we can call up the map that shows that putting aside. south africa which has legalized gay marriage. elsewhere in the continent. the trend is towards criminalization of homosexuality as we mentioned the report there were laws on the books that for a long time were not enforced. why is it that said those laws are being now and forced more and more stringent lee without. bentonville. will they really let go the goal the government the nation that ought to do that. these when you weren't meant to be intense. the rule the people
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the question that throughout the book is full. i do take home to eat. in africa. when we each week at the beach i'd like to use the coffee bean. in the womb. to make it work. you'll be okay with it the forgotten soon but the good of you to die for there will be good. we'll check that you can do it the crowd. radke and
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the unbeaten colt once again that matthew wood is in fact as well as we were just saying. we can see the map once again is that more and more. those of laws in the unseen force the country's you see in pink are countries where homosexuality is criminalize the ones in block where you can even dynasty that nigeria on that map is cut into between the ritz the country and the northern states a please explain that foresters of the koran to allow him to toss the steam in nineteenth ranked in the main channel and into the shooting of lower its debt by stoning for the man who is smiley and pain. i think that seeks to compete due to taxes to promote them and so this is why it is on the for fullness of time to knock them and you can be up to that sentence is if implemented story in the past in the past few years that due to the need and the implementation of the bbq thing happened unto you. the point of complete
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she wanted to play chess in an optional is that they must be central to all evidence to show that these crime not to think of me to sew them on the bill sb seventeen weakness and set up for me or even more so that makes you are looking into the street yet to be remitted to the core team to compete in one piece of the crime people who are being accused of this crime so fun. it's within the society suffer shame and even psychological problems as a result one to go through the issue now. it's a credit to my desktop. uganda is not in black on that comment on at least it did that they'd been on a map that we saw they did amend the bill which has not yet been signed by the president of deal that would nonetheless we are most entries in prison for life and what are your thoughts on this why is there this trend towards criminalization. i think is very important to tuesday that criminalization in africa. lucky also in asia
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he's from the way that connie time. most of them. so it's not something that has been enforced. after colonization. covered them with a very few exceptions in any sticky salsa for uganda was the curious life of the toys from the musician and even did the one coming now this is being adopted is a lot still not influence from. very cheap or radical religious groups coming from western country especially usa. so it's an influence that comes in and is homophobic. no wins is also an influence coming even from the west. so it's not cause something's fishy african. i don't believe in. for me and eddie something african unknown to me that i think there is for sure beats struggle to go through. but that didn't get to know someone say is that the more you make we are a part of a part of the population the more the whole species week. nothing that if south africa could go to. goes so
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good in the teens in the whole effort and is such an example. although on african countries because approving same marriage the man widely in terms of development in terms of rights. it's also because they understood that if you want to give death of peace and development. you need to give credits to everybody then on to the teeth and i want to miss ministered and there's no democracy for if you are not all democracies is crawling is not an aunt a niece in these countries warned of the pen and piece the need to give that to everyone. it's not something to be shared. to be not scared to start. and we had a two year freedom of speech is the essence of real democracy beach either accept differences. no matter how extreme or forget about it he's such a drama book are going to get you just comments on up. nigeria's of law which bans. a movement's bikie groups. you agree with that lot that means. i cannot
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in the tournament was working to keep the ink marker that will be great to get more you could make it let me tell you what good could it be for a weekend to compete on it. clean i guess i think for dinner dishes it can be good for me each week would encourage her i was trying to use. the private good. what started it all i'm going to
7:50 pm
win and all of you. it is so striking we did get a job here. i would the target the kids run around in sch the beginning of the ticket i knew that and i need more than that. i mean. by the time portal. we have to struggle with. but if the ball crept in. due to leakage of blood there is no but that might not be. i hate to be getting something good or bad. will they the group cikgu the oregon game with the fall. i would think what seemed in jeopardy. so just a
7:51 pm
coroner said that. many cancers corps reaction to that. look closely and you see that democracy is not only by vicente. aussie bought a tee. lifeless point the second point is that you and you might need a coffee can steam engines like myself not only did me in the us but he's not been sent to jail. it's just that it's not nice. i'd also like to point out that the dollar right now each year. it's not going out since it's not and since it's my it's something not already legal in the tuna limits. since it's my mind at ease for a sixty six and one man one woman and legally can only be gone all accepted either customer in all his clients. this reduces the heat in the chair and soul. the problem he added
7:52 pm
the fiancee kate them on right now is that all denied the right to the nines nations cannot work week is the small utilizes every organization that's what you want to promote the rights and to protect the rights of people doing the same relationships and four of the fbi's and the demands for ages jeopardizes the freedom to expression to it as a permanent interrupted because didn't have to go to washington. for of breaking news story the secretary of state john kerry commenting on syria the race and revisionism as to why the international community we'll be gathering in march for next week. so let me make it clear it today. from the very moment that we announced the goal of holding the geneva conference on syria. we all agree. that the purpose was specifically and so lee. to implement the twenty twelve geneva one
7:53 pm
communique. that purpose that sole purpose. could not have been more clear at the time this was announced that it could not be more clear today it has been reiterated in international statement after international statement that the parties have signed up to in venue after venue in resolution after resolution including most recently in paris last weekend. with both the london eleven and the russian federation reaffirmed their commitment to that objective the implementation of geneva one. so for anyone seeking to rewrite. this history. or to muddy the waters. let me stay one more time with geneva to this about. it is about establishing a process essential to the formation of a transition government body governing body. with
7:54 pm
full executive powers established by mutual consent that process is the only way to bring about an end to the civil war that has triggered one of the planet's most severe humanitarian disasters. and which has created the seating grounds for extremism. the syrian people need to be able to determine the future of their country their voice must be heard and any names put forward for leadership of serious transition. must according to the terms of geneva was. and every one of the re iterations of that being the heart and soul of geneva to. those names must be agreed to by both the opposition and the regime that is the very definition of mutual consent. this means
7:55 pm
that any figure that is deemed unacceptable by either side. whether president massoud are a member of the opposition. cannot be a part of the future. united nations the united states russia and all the countries attending know what this conference is about. after all that was the basis of the you an invitation sent individually to each country a restatement of the purpose of implementing geneva one and attendance by both sides of the parties can come only with their acceptance of the goals of the conference are we too are deeply concerned about the rise of extremism. the world needs no reminder that syria has become a magnet for gi tests of extremists. it is the strongest magnet for terror of any place today. so it defies logic to imagine
7:56 pm
that those two rooms and whose brutality. created this magnet. how they can never leave syria away from extremism and towards a better future is beyond any kind of logic or common sense and so on the eve of the syrian opposition coalition general assembly meeting tomorrow to decide whether to participate in geneva. in the peace conference. the united states for these reasons urges a positive vote. we do so knowing that the geneva peace conference is not the end but rather the beginning the launch of the process a process that is the best opportunity for the opposition to achieve the goals of the syrian people and the revolution and a political solution to this terrible conflict that has taken many many many too many lives. we will continue to push. in the meantime for vital access for humanitarian assistance. i talked
7:57 pm
yesterday with the russian federation foreign minister law brought in an effort to push still harder for access to some areas where the regime played games with the convoys. taking them around the circuitous route instead of directly in the way that the opposition had arranged for them was willing to protect the men it is important that there be no games played with this process. we will also continue to fight for cease fires where we could achieve and we will continue to fight for the exchange the release of captive journalists and aid workers and others in order to try to improve the climate for negotiations. though obviously none of this will be easy. ending the war and stopping the slaughter never is easy. we believe though this is the only row that can lead to a place where the civilized world has joined together in an effort to leave the parties to a
7:58 pm
better outcome. and then to the syrian people let me reiterate. united states and the international community will continue to provide help and support as we did yesterday in kuwait where we latched the three hundred and eighty million dollars of additional assistance in order tried to relieve pain and suffering of the refugees we will continue to stand with the people of syria the large hole the people. in an effort to provide them with the dignity than the new syria which they're fighting for. thank you as i said to be happy to answer questions xp rh years since it is to john kerry making a plea to the syrian opposition to vote yes to taking part in that syria peace conference that opens next week in switzerland i think our guests for joining us in
7:59 pm
the fall spent at that date more news to come in just one minute news coverage on pasta. i was the bulls. they falsely that keeps you up to date with all the latest from the world of sport. all the action. all the results of all the emotion chilling done anything for his all round. muslims like and don't know. beyond business. a small country with the ambitions in beyond business feel that the economic rights of the house. the southeast asian countries hoping to catch in the manufacturers' he'll be on time for new markets. beyond business. my heart. i can go home. you and
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when you win. when will we will or will . the fun artsy another us drone attack in the soil and another potential this day. while some members of congress disagree with president obama over whether the pentagon or the c i a to control the u s drone program. that story right ahead. and it's that he seeks a deal could benefit ali what internet activists worry that the actual put too much power in the hands of the entertainment industry will tell you more coming out and it was since the chemical spill and less for dsl for tha


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